The Role Of Metaphor In The Formation Of A Linguistic Picture Of The World In Russian And English Linguocultures

Akhmedov Bakhodir Yakhshimurodovich, Hamidova Iroda Olimovna


In this article, we are interested in the metaphor not in itself, but in its role in culture, in the creation of certain images that can both coincide in different languages and cultures, and differ from language to language. The relevance of such a study is due to the need to study metaphor as a cognitive means and a culturally marked layer of language, reflecting the perception and understanding of the world by representatives of different languages and cultures.


Metaphor, Linguistic Picture Of The World, Linguoculture, Ethno Cultural Metaphor, Figurative Meaning, Metaphorical Meaning, Floristic Metaphors, Metaphorical Transfers, Stable Metaphors.

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