Characteristics Of Geographical Location Of The Population Of Navoi Region

B.H. Kalonov, N.F. Latipov


This article provides feedback on the location, density and labor resources of the population in Navoi region. It is necessary to pay attention to the level of employment of labor resources in the region, the future employment of the population living in rural areas. Although the region is the latest among other administrative units, it is the largest among administrative units. places. In economic geography, the area plays a key role because all the processes of life, economic activity, birth, death, marriage, etc. take place within the same area. The population is studied by many disciplines, but they are the same. learns an aspect. For example, when economists think about the income of the population, sociologists are interested in the integration of the population into a particular society, and for the medical field, the level of health of the population is interesting. Demography, one of the largest branches of socio-economic geography, has all these indicators. In this regard, it is necessary to increase the value of the industry and the amount of research conducted in this area.


Demographics, Population Density, Permanent Population, Migration, Labor Resources, Population Distribution Around The World, Birth Rate

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