Development Of Student’s Worksheet With Inquiry Learning Model On Ecological And Environmental Changes For Class X Senior High School

Lailatul Rahmi, Abdul Razak, Violita ., Ramadhan Sumarmin


The results of observations have shown that student learning outcomes in ecological and environmental changes are still low. Students are less motivated and passive in the learning process because the learning process centered on teachers and teaching materials do not help students learn. Therefore, it needs to be designed worksheet with the inquiry approach. Inquiry approach can increase motivation and critical thinking skills of learners. The purpose of this study was to produce a worksheet with inquiry approach about the ecological and environmental changes. This study was designed as a research and development by using models of IDI, which consists of three phases, the definition, development and evaluation. Data were collected through validity by lecturers and teachers, the practicalities by teachers and students, the observation by the observer for the assessment of affective, psychomotor and cognitive. The results of this study are worksheets with inquiry approach about ecological and environmental changes are very valid and very practical. Learning outcomes is effective in critical thinking skills,affective, physcomotor, and cognitive competencies in excellent categories. Based on the results, it can be concluded that the worksheet with the inquiry approach about ecology and environmental changes are valid, practical, and effective.


Development, Worksheet, Inquiry Models, Ecology, Environmental Change

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