Evaluational Study Of A Self Organizing Network (SON) And A GSM Congestion Monitoring System (CMS)

Ajao Joseph O, Adebayo A. O, Obayi Adaora Angela, Adekunle A. Y, Joshua J. V, Ebiesuwa O. O, Ihedioha U. M, Ugwu Nnaemeka Virginus


As the number of subscriber increases in the Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) heterogeneous networks, the exponential growth in mobile wireless networks traffic stress the need for a congestion Monitoring system (CMS) for the network to sustain high resources in the Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE). It is therefore necessary to note that if congestion in a network is not isolated then there will be an inevitable crash of the network. In this work, KPI of Self-Organized Network (SON) is critically reviewed, a congestion monitoring system for GSM was designed to illustrate the number of calls the system receives per day and this is recorded on daily bases to ascertain the level of congestion. The paper proposed and designed a system that monitors congestion in a network as a mean of network sustenance and also looked at SON as an optimization technique.


Cellular network, Mobile congestion, GSM, congestion Monitoring system (CMS), radio frequency (RF) Call set up success rate (CSSR), Call Drop Rate (CDR), Handover Success Rate (HSR), Radio traffic channel (TCH)

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