Analysis of the Results of Different Methods of Surgical Treatment of Varicocele

Azamat Muhitdinovich Shamsiev, Jamshid Azamatovich Shamsiev, Nizomiddin Daminovich Kadirov, Zafar Mamadjanovich Makhmudov, Erkin Suyunovich Daniyarov


This work is based on the results of treatment of 376 patients with left-sided varicocele. Of 376 patients, 363 (96.5%) patients had varicocele for the first time and 13 (3.5%) patients had a relapse. The patients were between the ages of 11 and 18. Depending on the method of surgery, 2 groups of patients were identified. 181 (48.1%) patients underwent conventional surgical interventions (Ivanissevich's or Polomo's operations), which made up the comparison group. 195 (51.9%) patients underwent subinguinal selective operations (antegrade endovascular sclerotherapy of the left testicular vein and Marmara operation), which were included in the main group. Selected 26 practically (control group) healthy children data of ultrasound and Doppler ultrasound of the testicular veins, we took as the norm. During the surgical treatment of varicocele, an individual, differentiated approach was chosen for each patient depending on the hemodynamic type. The analysis of the surgical treatment of patients with varicocele revealed a relapse of the disease in 15% of cases. The developed methods of treatment, taking into account the type of blood flow, are low-traumatic and exclude the possibility of recurrence. The proposed methods of surgical treatment of varicocele have reduced the number of complications from 24.8% to 2.3%.


Varicocele, Children, Subinguinal Selective Operations, Ultrasound Doppler, Hemodynamic Type.

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