The recent advances, opportunities and challenges in the cryptocurrencies reseach field from cybersecurity approach

Luis Daniel López-Robles, Mariano Alberto Casas-Valadez, Cecilia Monjaraz-Frausto, José Israel Ayala Aguilera, Rubén Alvarez Diez, José Ricardo López-Robles


The convergence of new technologies and environments transform markets and sectors. Additionally, the digitization of the world represents a radical change in the way of doing business. The cryptocurrencies are one of the drivers in this change because the new finance and economic models will be one of the priorities of the developed countries and organizations. In this way, the cryptocurrencies are an unknown to everyone in general, a situation that does not help their development, deployment and use as a common element in markets and commercial relations. To resolve the above, it is necessary for professionals, academics and scientists to know what is being researched on this subject, bearing in mind aspects such as safety. This article links the concept of cryptocurrencies with that of cybersecurity, it focuses on the discussion of trends, challenges, opportunities and technologies that the mining sector requires to successfully face them using bibliometric techniques and methodologies. To do that, all the publications related to cryptocurrencies and cybersecurity hosted in Scopus from 2017 to 2021 were analyzed using VOSviewer. From the first publication since lasted one were downloaded and analyzed to identify the following aspects: most relevant research themes, most productive authors, most productive organizations, most productive countries, most relevant sources and subject, among others. These analysis establishes the first research framework related to both themes and could be used to promote the new knowledge creation.


cryptocurrencies; cybersecurity; financial technology; business intelligence; competitive intelligence; strategic intelligence; foresight

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