Language Learners' and Teachers' Perceptions of the Integrated-skill Approach and its Possible Impact on Learners' Communicative Competence

Lubna Khalid Al Dweni, Eman Mustafa Al Shawesh, Ibrahim Ali Ellabiedi


This research investigates the learners' and teachers' perceptions of the integrated-skill approach and explores the possible impact of this approach on the learners' communicative competence. To gather the required data, a qualitative study was conducted in the faculty of education, English department, University of Misrata/ Libya. Focus group discussions were used with thirteen students, and semi-structured interviews were conducted with four teachers. The questions asked were primarily focusing on the approach followed in teaching language skills; integrated or segregated approach, the learners' and teachers' perceptions of these approaches, and their possible influences on learners' competence. The results of this study revealed that there was integration, to some extent, regarding the skills of listening and speaking, and this integration was beneficial in enhancing learners' ability to use English properly. Whereas; the segregated-skill approach adopted to teach reading and writing was not effective as it led students to focus on some language elements such as vocabulary, following memorization techniques without paying any attention to authentic practice. Therefore, it is recommended that educators and policy makers consider students' needs and the possible impact of this approach on students' communicative competence, by advocating to the integrated-skill approach.


Integrated-Skill Approach, Perception, Impact, Communicative Competence

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