Design and Performance Evaluation of Z-Source Inverter with Maximum Boost Control Method in PV Applications

Talha Rauf, Muhammad Furqan, Saad Rafiq, Saboor Zulifqar


This paper represents the robust control methods and utilization of Z-source inverter in the field of power conversion that Buck/Boost the output voltage and its applications in photovoltaic cells (Renewable Energy Systems). The topology of the Z-source inverter can easily be merged with Renewable resources like PV, Fuel cell, wind, and motor drives. Advanced techniques like SPWM (Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation) and SVM (Space Vector Modulation) enhance its boost capacity and modulation index. To understand the vast applications of ZSI, a maximum boost control model along with MATLAB simulations is presented that verify the concept and theoretical model.


: Z-source Inverter; Pulse-width modulation; Maximum Boost Control Method; Shoot-through state

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